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Take your logistics to the next level

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Track the progress of your daily Liquid Fuel deliveries in real-time, improve your logistics and keep your customers happier.

Our mission is to offer value added services that engage Liquid Fuel consumers as much as possible. These consumers are able to get a clear view regarding their consumption as well as their remaining fuel stock. And all this while your business gets real-time feedback of fuel level on every costumer to keep ahead of demand.

Our digital solution helps both sides to improve interaction between them. We offer advanced services that will guarantee satisfaction and efficiency for both consumers & suppliers.

Client/Consumer benefits

  • Consumption statistics
  • Care free refilling ordering (consumers are not required to place an order manually; instead they are requested to authorize new order)
  • Manual e-order placement in case of anticipated consumption increase
  • Tracking record of order deliveries
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of next delivery

DTWISE WiseWatch Liquid Fuel, LPG, Diesel, Reseviour Consumption Tracking Dashboard

Suppliers benefits :

  • Demand Response (enables better Liquid Fuel stock level control and site distribution)
  • Vehicles’ electronic route guidance; time-table optimization & delivery location order improvement)
  • Delivery statistics
  • Demand prediction
  • Heatmaps
  • Vehicle’s daily route map plotting
  • Fleet position tracking on map
  • Weather info

DTWISE WiseWatch Liquid Fuel Logistics Dashboard

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