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Building a Sustainable Future

Proven Enterprise Solutions with optimum ROI

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Manage your energy

Gain a clear view of your enterprise’ energy consumption and identify your energy patterns & behaviors. The results are obvious: significantly reduced costs, mitigated risk and optimum operational efficiency to a more productive model.

It is our mission to develop energy awareness and Green Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among enterprises with actual result of energy savings up to 40%.

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Become an integrated energy consultant

We can help energy and water utilities to provide modern, value-added services for both C&I and domestic customers. Strengthen your utility’s brand by delivering efficiency improvements to the end users. Increase customer loyalty and customer acquisition rates through word-of-mouth marketing and case studies.

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Liquid Fuel Suppliers

Take your logistics to the next level

Track the progress of your daily Liquid Fuel deliveries in real-time, improve your logistics and keep your customers happier.

Our mission is to offer value added services that engage Liquid Fuel consumers as much as possible. These consumers are able to get a clear view regarding their consumption as well as their remaining fuel stock. And all this while your business gets real-time feedback of fuel level on every costumer to keep ahead of demand.

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Optimise your production

Get full access on multi-site Renewable Energy System (RES) installations. Never before the monitoring of RES sites has been so easy, secure and cost effective.

Benefit from our powerful solution by combining RES monitoring with our enterprise offering. Achieve a conclusive net metering and hence improve the targeted balance of your production.

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